"I found Stephanie and the Hot Spot Yoga studio in Kingston in 2014, and the practice has changed my life.  The posture series and breath work help me to remain meditative throughout the 90 minute class, a perfect mix of stretching, sweating and personal challenge. What is equally great is how I have been able to apply the breath of the work to everything that I do in the world. I’ve turned on several of my friends who are now as dedicated as I, and recommend that everyone give it a try to see if it’s right for them, too."

— RM, Kingston, NY


"I LOVE taking Stephanie’s Bikram classes. Every joint, muscle, ligament, all the bones and cells in my body, my lungs, hamstrings, drenched with sweat get a deep massage – from the inside out-
Stephanie is a wonderful teacher -and as a yoga teacher myself (and Yoga Therapist), I have taken many classes with a variety of teachers – she makes it seem effortless and is encouraging and inspirational. I feel SO great after –  feeling stronger,  balanced, powerful and peaceful.
Hot yoga is like mastering balancing yoga poses (Tree, King Dancer, etc. ) in a sauna. Camel, Cobra and all yoga poses in Bikram work every part of the body-
Once you try it you’ll love it!"

— RB, Woodstock, NY


"Stephanie is an amazing person and instructor. The community the hot spot offers is unlike one I have experienced before. It is one that builds you physically and spirituality. I gain so much before, during and after every class. Connecting and conversing with like-minded people, sharing healthy juices and treats after class keeps me excited and motivated to come to class. The opportunity to grow is prominent at the Hot Spot, all you have to do is show up!"

— TD, Phoenicia, NY


“I have been going to the Hot Spot in Kingston for around 3 years now and it has really transformed by body for the better. I have better flexibility and some long-standing injuries have really abated. I practiced hatha yoga for many years and  resisted Bikram until the really cold winter of 2015 when I gave it a try. WOW! Each asana has multiple benefits, and the heat helps move the blood and relax muscles so its safer than traditional yoga. Stephanie is an amazing teacher, she brings energy, knowledge, experience, and a sense of humor to the practice. So glad this is in Kingston!”

— KS, Kingston, NY


“What more could you ask for?  A dedicated and talented teaching staff, a hot room with natural light, shower, changing area, and 26 strengthening and healing postures.  Thanks Stephanie for giving those of us in the area a place to practice with you.”

— PB, Saugerties, NY